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Jozan - Sarouk Persian Carpet 320x230

Jozan - Sarouk Persian Carpet 320x230

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The colours of each carpet look different depending on the side from which you look at it. You can see the carpet from different perspectives in the images below:
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  • Discount Price: 800 $       -20%
  • Retail Price: 999 $
  • Carpet Code: cls038-570
  • Size: 320x230 cm
  • Thickness: Medium (5-10 mm)
  • Age: 0-20 (New)
  • Preile - Warp: Wool on Cotton
  • Knot Density: approximately 120,000 knots per m²
  • Carpet colours:

Jozan Carpets : Carpets woven in the village Jozan near the town of Malayer and Sarouk. The Jozan carpets are thick and heavy and the quality of their materials is very high. Reminiscent of the Sarouk and Malayer carpets, they are often sold under the same name.

Sarouk Carpets : Sarouk is the name of carpets with a rich history, which are woven in the homonymous town as well as in the city of Arak and surrounding areas. Names of carpets from the Sarouk area are also: Feraghan, Feraghan Sarouk, Mahal, Mohajaran Sarouk, Mushkabad and Viss / Golpayegan. The first successes of Sarouk carpets were largely due to the U.S. market. The Sarouk still continue to be popular among Persian carpets and are made of very good quality wool. The designs are usually floral in style, in ivory beige and in shades of red and blue. The best Sarouk originate from the small town Ghiassabad.

Classic Carpets: Carpets that are woven in urban centres in fixed workshops and looms(as opposed to nomads). Their designs are first done on paper by carpet designers. These designs are strictly conducted by the weaver during the manufacturing. Even in these carpets, though there may be slight variations in weaving.

All CarpetU2 carpets are subject to cleaning with high quality antibacterial and moth protection products according to Persian law.

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