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Heriz Carpets

Heriz is located in Northwestern Iran, in Azerbaijan northeast of Tabriz. Extremely durable carpets with the same name are woven here, on the slopes of Mount Sabalan. The new Heriz rugs are thicker and very tightly woven. These rugs become more and more beautiful as they age. In the area high quality and very durable wool is produced, because the sheep's drinking water contains traces of copper which is found in Mount Sabalan. The carpets are often woven with geometric designs and a large medallion that dominates the centre. The designs are traditional and they are woven from memory. Black and red herbal colors are the most common. Similar carpets from neighbouring towns and villages such as Ahar, Mehraban, Sarab, Bakhshaish and Goravan are sold under the name Heriz but should not be comfused with the Heriz rugs.

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